You can find us at Chestertown Farmers Market every Saturday 8-noon,
200-300 Blocks of High Street Next to Fountain Park
(Coops and Crops is opposite Music Life at 241 High Street)

What We’ll Have August 15th
Eggs $5
Fresh whole chicken, pasture-raised, non GMO feed- 4 to 6.5 lb. birds (never frozen) – $19-29
Certified Naturally Grown Produce:
Elephant Garlic $3
Fresh Garlic (“Applegate” – mild flavor – excellent baked, roasted, or raw;
“Persian Star” – pleasant flavor with a mild spicy zing;
“Russian Inferno”- very hot when raw, typical garlic flavor when cooked)  $2
Ground Cherries $4 pint
Herbs – Basil Parsley Tarragon Thyme $1 per bunch
Okra $4 pint
Onions and Shallots (full size) $2 each, 2/$3
Potato Onions $3 per 1/2 pint
Potatoes – Fingerling – $3 pint, $5 quart
Shishito Peppers $3 1/2 pint
Tomatoes – Heirloom (Brandywine, Rose de Berne, German Johnson, Moskovich, Pruden’s Purple) $2 each
Cherry Tomatoes – Yellow, red “Sweeties”, Indigo Cherry, or mix $4 pint
“Jaune Flamme” small orange heirloom tomatoes $4 pint
Heirloom paste/plum tomatoes $4 pint
Strawberry or Strawberry-Vanilla Jam $6

Pre-Order: email coopsandcrops@gmail.com by 4 PM Friday. Thank you!