Delivering high-quality interesting delicious and healthy food to you is our goal  (yes, that’s a mouthful of adjectives). Central to our success is refraining from using chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides, and synthetic fertilizers, while following sustainable low-till and no-till practices in building and enriching our soil and using only organic, and preferably heirloom, seeds.  All of our produce is Certified Naturally Grown.


About Our Farm

We have been planting, growing, and harvesting vegetables on our six-acre homestead in Kennedyville in Kent County on Maryland’s Eastern Shore since 2013. We moved here after 15 years in our nation’s capitol, and are originally from Pennsylvania.

As Certified Naturally Grown growers, we don’t use synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, or GMOs. The main difference between CNG and certified organic is CNG’s certification model, which relies on peer inspections, transparency, and direct relationships with local consumers and retailers.

We are passionate about learning new ways from sources like the Bionutrient Food Association to improve the structure and richness of the soil, for example to compensate for the low level of boron and molybdenum. We strive continuously to build up soil nutrients and minerals by following nutrient-dense growing practices.

We grow our vegetables from seedlings started in our greenhouse and seeds planted directly in the ground using our Jang Seeder. We acquire seeds, bulbs, slips and seed potatoes from organic sources. We dry and save seeds for some vegetables to plant in the next year.

We raise most of our produce in 30″ wide beds (raised and permanent). In 2017, we started using a BCS walk-behind tractor for rotary harrowing and intensively mowing beds. We use Kubota and Massey Ferguson tractors for mowing pasture, discing, tilling new plots, and creating or reshaping raised beds. We extend the season in an unheated 96-ft long high tunnel, allowing us to grow lettuce and greens for year-round harvest and get a nice start on tomatoes in the spring. We can jams, tomato pureé, and a variety of interesting condiments.

We also raise poultry in pasture and feed them non-GMO feed, and sell Freedom Ranger broilers (2.5 – 6 lbs), turkeys, and quail – as well as a colorful mix of eggs laid by our heritage hens. (MD Registration # 1467)

Dean Snyder & Jane Malone
11902 Kennedyville Road, Kennedyville, Maryland


You can find us:
Every Saturday 8 to noon – Chestertown Farmers Market
200 block High St – opposite Music Life –
near the “T” in the Black Lives Matter street mural

We usually have:
Pasture-Raised Poultry Fed Non-GMO Feed
Fresh Whole Chickens and Parts
Fresh Whole Turkey Parts
Eggs from Heritage Hens
Certified Naturally Grown Produce
Lettuces and Greens

Pre-Order: email by 6 PM Friday. Thank you!